Official Delegations 2015-2019

Israeli Delegations including:
  • Minister of Intelligence & Transportation
  • Minister of Science & Technology
  • Minister of National Infrastructure, Energy & Water Resources
  • Minister of Regional Cooperation
  • Minister of Social Equality
  • Deputy Minister of Defense
  • Head of Israel Border Police
  • Head of Israel Fire & Rescue Services
  • Head of the Technological and Logistics Directorate
  • Commander of the Combat Intelligence Collections Corps
  • Head of the Armament Division for the IAF
  • Head of the Navy Weapons Development Division
  • Head of the Armament Division for the IDF
  • Head of the Ammunition Center
  • Commander of the IDF Motorized Systems Department
  • Deputy Commander of the IDF Ground Force Command
  • Head of the Municipal Security Authority
  • Head of Cyber Security, Ministry of Public Security
  • Head of the Operations Directorate, Israel National Police
  • Israel National Police Logistics Division
  • Israel National Police Commander of Judea and Samaria District
  • Israel National Police Commander of Jerusalem
  • Commander of the Intelligence and Investigations division, Israel National Police
  • Israel Prison Authority
  • Israel Intelligence Service
  • Israel Security Service
  • Director of SIBAT
  • Israel National Cyber Security Directorate
  • And many more…
Foreign Delegations including:
  • Minister of Interior of Lithuania
  • Minister of Interior of Azerbaijan
  • Minister of Internal Affairs, Turkmenistan
  • Deputy Minister of Defense of Czech Republic
  • Deputy Minister of Defense of Lithuania
  • Deputy Minister of Defense of Slovakia
  • Deputy Minister of Defense of Croatia
  • Undersecretary of Defense of the Philippines
  • Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine
  • Commander of the Royal Netherlands Air Force
  • Commander of the Czech Republic Air Force
  • Commander of the German Armed Forces
  • Commander of the New Papa Guinea Defense Force
  • Political Commissar, Lieutenant General, China
  • Procurement Director, Special Forces, France
  • Vice Commander of the Philippines Air Force
  • Armaments Director of the Hellenic Navy
  • Deputy Director of the Joint Chief of Staff of the Republic of Korea
  • Artillery Commander for the Italian Armed Forces
  • Head of Innovation Center & Intelligence Command Office, Spain
  • Chief of Research and Development, Royal Thai Army
  • Superintendent, Portugal Public Police
  • Senior Inspector of the Nigeria Prison Service
  • Inspector General of the Ghana Police
  • Ministry of Home Affairs, Singapore
  • Agency for Defense development, South Korea
  • DOD, United States
  • And many more…
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