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darvin solutions


Asio technologies

Asio Technologies is an innovator and market leader in the fields of tactical solutions for dismount soldier, navigation systems for small UAS’s and various fire support systems. Asio possess a track record in manufacturing and supplying various field-proven innovative solutions that are deployed, according to Mil-Specs and ISO standards.


ANAVIA is specialized in the development, production and marketing of vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) systems
between 50 and 150 kilograms. The unmanned performance helicopter HT-100 from ANAVIA sets the standard
for autonomous flying with a flight time of 240 minutes and payload of up to 60 kg.


Thinking above and beyond is what we do. For more than 80 years, we’ve been reimagining the experience of flight – and where it can take us.
Above all, our breakthrough innovations deliver exceptional experiences to our customers. Efficiently. Reliably. And always, with safety at the forefront.


CMI & Hetek – und Hebetechnik GmbH lift offers a complete solution for lifting and leveling systems for shelters& containers for the defense and civil applications up to 24 tons load in tough field conditions. CMI is specializing in metal & polymers 3D printing from micro to macro dimensions. CMI is also well known in the Aerospace logistic support.


SafeShoot provides a simple, friendly and reliable tool that will warn the shooter immediately and automatically when friendly elements are unsafely in the line of fire and No line of sight needed.


The corporation established in July 2018, with more than 27 years of experience at the Energy markets, Military and Defence markets, Cooling systems, Batteries, and EMI solutions. TECT specializes in cost reduction projects and is activated in the EU and India market integrating Israeli Technology with India manufacturing capabilities.


BZ-COM LTD, Established in 2003 represents and distribute over 20 vendors with a focus on Communication, Computers and Control. One of our key areas relates to Rugged and Mobile tablets for the Defense, Industrial and Medical markets to which we bring complete solutions either standard or customized to customers’ needs.

CommuniTake Technologies

CommuniTake Technologies delivers the best-secured purpose-built mobile devices. CommuniTake platform unites military-grade security in affordable mobile devices and dramatically improves connected devices’ security levels. CommuniTake provides trusted devices, security-rich operating systems, OS-fused controls, encrypted communications, threat intelligence, and private networks. These essentials are geared toward homeland security, connected healthcare, smart cities, and the utility industry.


Asgard Systems in collaboration with Enviromanager developed the Asgard Cloud System. Advanced AI engine on WEB system based on predictive meteorological & Atmospheric models for real-time and future-time weather prediction. Asgard Cloud your Total Environmental Awareness – Insights Dashboard. Integrating multi-layer data into decision making and insights. Environmental Decision support system allow you to automate procedures and protocols with minimize errors, maximize uptime, cut operational cost and enlarge safety.


Founded in 1990, TAR Ideal Concepts delivers customised, integrated, comprehensive national scale solutions and technologies for governments, Homeland Security (HLS) agencies, Law Enforcement and Special Units in the public safety & security sectors.


T&I Marketing was established in 1987. T&I – sole distributor in Israel, of LEATHERMAN tool, LEDLENSER flashlights , Bushnell & Tasco binoculars and also Casio Gshock watches, all are mostly appreciated by security experts All T&I activities are being conducted in dignity, professionally and fully transparent. we maintain a strong, large and professional, customer service and support department


International Armored Group is a quality conscious armored vehicle manufacturer with over 20 years of experience specializing in the fields of design, engineering, prototyping and manufacturing of armored commercial and tactical vehicles, armored components, and ballistic glass and framing systems, with locations in the USA, Canada, UAE, Turkey, Bulgaria, UK, South Africa and Pakistan.


Safestuffs Group is a start up company established in 2020 with new technologies applied in unexpected way. The main products are Safestick and Safestick Tonfa with amazing features and functions. Its great equipment with high durability intended for safety sector serving as signaling device, flashlight, search light, strobo light, UV lamp and weapon for defence or fight.

Gilat Telecom

Gilat Telecom offers end-to-end satellite communication solutions including mobile satellite phones, terminals, and modems to organizations such as: militaries, governments, and emergency responders. Our world class communication systems, integrated with enhanced connectivity capabilities enable us to provide reliable and secured communication, that works anytime, anywhere – at land, air, and sea.

Schmidt & Bender

Schmidt & Bender GmbH & Co. KG is a German riflescope and opto-electronic system manufacturer. The family-run company with more than 90 employees develops and produces products of the highest quality and reliability with an optimum benefit for the costumer in all fields of application Hunting, Sport, Police and Military.

Phonexia s.r.o.

Phonexia offers a comprehensive portfolio of innovative speech recognition and voice biometrics technologies. Phonexia’s AI-powered solutions let you build voice bots, verify a speaker’s identity based on voice biometrics, transcribe speech to text, and search for speakers and context in large amounts of audio. Since 2006, Phonexia has delivered its speech technologies to more than 60 countries


Founded in 2005, Steadicopter Ltd is a revolutionary player in the Rotary Unmanned Aerial Systems (RUAS) industry, specializing in the design, development, and production of rotary tactical UAS, and delivers exceptional, unprecedented, proven solutions for military, HLS, and civilian applications.


“Diagnostika-M” is the manufacturer with a well-known brand TSNK, which has been one of the leaders in Russia, Europe and the world market of anti-terrorist security systems for over 29 years. “Radar-IQ” Area Protection Solution is a product of “Diagnostika-M” company. Aimed to protect the territory of critical infrastructure facilities, special and secure facilities, as well as private property from ground and air threats.


Commtact is a global leader in providing advanced wireless solutions for manned and unmanned platforms in defense and HLS markets.


Colugo-Sys is an innovative and groundbreaking Israeli start-up company that designs and manufactures aerial systems with unique and exceptional capabilities. Based on a breakthrough-patent, the Company’s products represent a “game-changer” in the VTOL market on a global scale.

GMX Systems – Israel

GMX Systems is an Israeli high technology company established in Israel. We are specialists in rugged devices such as powerful tablets and phablets for military , Construction and all kinds of tough environments needed. We are the certified distributors for the Sweden HANDHELD Group devices and services.


Established in 1964, traded on the TASE since 1978, Rapac is a holding company active in 4 areas: Energy Power Production, Electricity Infrastructure, Trade and Representation of leading brands in the Defense and commercial sectors