Crisis Management Conference

For the first time in ISDEF, a professional conference focusing on Crisis Management.

The conference will host top-tier renowned speakers, both on a civilian and military level, to discuss the provision of tools, knowledge, and exposure to various methodologies needed to face and overcome a crisis.

A crisis is considered a critical event, both in the life of an organization and that of a country. It is best characterized as battle fog or a lack of information, dramatically affecting the organization or the country in question. In most cases, a crisis comes with high intensity, and as a result, the organization’s ability to initially contain it can significantly impact the results. In order to control the crisis, minimize damages and get back to business as soon as possible, any crisis needs to be centrally managed, and there needs to be joint cooperation between all parties working towards solving it.

ISDEF 2022 will bring together Israeli and International companies specializing in the latest equipment and technologies for defense, HLS, mega-event protection, cybersecurity, intelligence, and counter-terrorism, providing a unique platform of advanced technologies and knowledge transfer to ensure public safety.

The conference will take place on 22.03.2022, at Pavilion #2 in Expo Tel Aviv

You are invited to join us for both events – the Exhibition and the conference


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